Work Plan

The work plan of JPIs TO CO‐WORK is based on six Work Packages (WP), four of which are focused on one or two Framework Conditions. There are two horizontal WPs devoted to management and dissemination, namely WP1 and WP6 respectively.

The management Work Package (WP1), is based on a strong project management structure, based on a direct project management approach to be implemented based on four figures: the Project Coordinator (PC), the Project Manager (PM), the Project Steering Committee (PSC), and the Advisory Board of JPIs (ABJ).

WP2 and WP3 address the strategic level and planning activities of a JPI, related to developing a vision, more global criteria for evaluation and governance issues:

WP2 addresses Foresight and ex-ante evaluation.
WP3 focuses on Evaluation, including monitoring and ex-post evaluation, along with Governance issues.
WP4 and WP5 are centered on the operational tasks that a JPI has to implement in order to be successful:
WP4 is dedicated to Peer Review and funding and management issues related to the Calls. The reason to include these two Framework Conditions (FC) jointly, (Peer review and Funding in the original GPC document) is that they are both related to the implementation of the JPIs at operational level, and therefore more closely linked to each other than to other FC.
WP5 addresses Dissemination, Intellectual Property and Innovation, all related to the transfer of research results to final users or beneficiaries.

Each the above mentioned four WPs will be directed to the organization of several Workshops

Meanwhile, each WP entail the definition and specification of the target issue to be addressed, the preparation of relevant documents, selection and invitation of appropriate experts and advisors to the different project events, as well as invitation of JPIs related actors and other initiatives involved in the issue. All discussions and contributions of the project workshops will be collected and registered, and a final report will be edited and published within the project.