Management structure and procedures

The task at hand requires efficient project management to ensure the delivery of high quality results in the time span allocated to this Specific Support Action. A strong project management structure, based on a direct project management approach, will be implemented based on four figures: the Project Coordinator (PC), the Project Manager (PM), the Advisory Board of JPIs (ABJ) – intended to foster further progress in coordination and mutual cooperation – and the Project Steering Committee (PSC). For an overview, please refer to the following figure:

Management is based on the principles of rapid, direct and open communication, mediation and consensus. All participants are involved and reinforced by both a direct project management and the Advisory Board of JPIs (ABJ). Operational decisions are the responsibility of Work Package (WP) Leaders, while day-to-day management at consortium level is the responsibility of the PC and the PM. Issues can be raised by beneficiaries or the PC up to the PSC, which will take overall responsibility for project conformance to the Grant Agreement (GA).